ESTeam Translation Technologies
Automate Your Translations

Real Hybrid Computer Achieved Translation.

ESTeam software is unique in automating the translations of phrases, text patterns, or classification labels. In contrast to the methods of translating “free text” contained in normal documents or web sites, which usually requires a mixed approach of human translation and translation memory use, ESTeam developed technologies that particularly focus on automating the translation of text phrases, so wordings that are found in patent filings, contracts, or trademark classification labels.

Excellent results via hybrid machine translation and translation memory: ESTeam’s algorithms are technically unique in that they apply sub-sentence TM (translation memory) matching and MT (machine translation) to support the translation process. While others – if at all – just forward “no match” TM searches to the machine translation system, the ESTeam based integration re-assembles MT translated segments and post processes them to generate a way better result than a simple either TM or MT suggestion. This achieves incredibly good results and highly reduces your post-editing efforts.

Proven in demanding enterprise environments: In contrast to mid-scale, departmental solutions, the ESTeam server technology is already for many years in-use at large scale European institutions and corporate customers, capable to process millions and millions of records.

  • Multilingual, multidirectional: In contrast to other systems that are directed, i.e. are tuned for one language direction, the ESTeam linking technology can be applied for any language direction.
    Therefore you can use it for language directions that you’ve never worked with before, thus allowing you to tackle new languages and exploit markets in new countries fast.
  • Statistical disambiguation: Domain, frequency processing and meta data classification allow to disambiguate the several suggestions.
    This delivers better translation matches, thus reducing heavily the post processing efforts.
  • Target language verification: Well admitting that machine translation is erroneous, while humanly approved data is correct, the machine translated text is target language verified by comparing it to data in the translation memory.
    Unique in the market, this technology again significantly reduces the post processing efforts and speeds up the overall translation workflow.
ESTeam Translator
Customizable Translation Engine

ESTeam Translator© is a multilingual translation software product, which integrates above mentioned Translation Memory and Machine Translation technologies to produce a full translation in one or multiple languages. The machine translation supports translations in any direction between all the official European Union languages and Norwegian. The ESTeam Translator© is unique on the market, due to its technology, language coverage and customizability.