Establish Your Words

Clean, harmonize, and control your terminology lists, databases, and master data.

Organizations suffer from huge amounts of hidden costs by not supervising their language. Employees spend hours searching for information by using not matching keywords – imagine a text was written using the word "LCD screen", but the search was now for "LCD monitor": the search fails, the employee has to continue researching or is fatally missing critical information.

A “wrong word” in a publication can cause serious, company damaging action. A wrong term in a medical instruction leaflet can cause an expensive product recall, a patent filing can fail or a misleading phrase in a finance report can trigger stock price declines.

The quality of your business intelligence applications rises or falls depending how good your data is. Information is no longer only represented in a big amount of numbers in Microsoft Excel sheets. Today, knowledge is more and more kept in unstructured, free-text form. This can be the PIM system for your online shop, the spare-parts list in your ERP system, the address book in your large CRM system, or  the termbase in your language services department: the cleaner your master data management systems, the less redundancies in any of them! The less inconsistencies, the more you can trust your analysis tools which help you to better grow your business.

Computers are good in processing numbers, but not in cleaning human language data. ESTeam is unique in providing you with sophisticated technology to help you identify, control and clean up your text resources in order to avoid above mentioned costs and risks. How do we do this?

  • Capture and classify: ESTeam’s technology is scanning your legacy language resources and is automatically collecting and putting together related words – for instance detecting that "LCD screen" and "LCD monitor" are the same thing or classifying that "shoe cream" is the word we use but "shoe polish" is the word a competitor uses.
    So, instead of tediously scanning thousands of word lists, kept in databases or spreadsheets manually, this process is automated and can only now happen at all.
  • Remove inconsistencies: ESTeam’s linguistic algorithms reliably identify variants in your data, for instance like: "Brake shoes for vehicles" / "Vehicle brake shoes" / "Shoes (Brake-) for vehicles". Any other application will treat them as three different things, thus leading to wrong subsequent conclusions. By cleaning up such data and standardizing on one variant you achieve clarity, thus avoiding subsequent costs.
    Only this technology made the European standard EuroClass possible.
  • Automate term translations: Leveraging its machine translation and translation memory technologies, ESTeam can even automate the tedious process to expand your word lists and therefore quicker cover other languages.
    Automating the steps to enhance a word list from one into many languages saves a huge amount of time and cost, thus giving you a significant advantage in faster enabling your organization to operate in more countries.

While other systems only store and retrieve your word lists, terminologies, or nomenclatures – ESTeam technology is unique to automate the underlying and most important parts of the process, namely acquiring and cleaning the data.