Language Technology Business Association

The Language Technology Business Association has been founded to overcome the fragmentation in the language technology industry and to drive reputation and awareness. Its vision is to establish language technology as a recognized software product category.
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The specialists in translation automation

Since its foundation in 2002 CrossLang has been exclusively focused on bringing technology solutions to the language market. Working closely with all the leading technology vendors has allowed it to help many companies and organizations to develop and implement translation strategies, enabling them to deploy language technology throughout their organizations, speeding up the translation process considerably and making huge cost savings in their translation budgets.
Language professionals have also been major beneficiaries of these technologies – CrossLang has advised many small and mid-size agencies in choosing the right technology for their business and helped them with implementation, training and support.
CrossLang brings together a team of professionals with expertise in process engineering, computational linguistics, knowledge management, business automation and all aspects of the language market.
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Trademark Translations Online at

The TMpro solution, running on top of the ESTeam Translator© technology, has been specifically designed for automating the translation of trademark list of goods and services based on the Nice Agreement. It has been built by trademark language experts in multiple languages. This approved technology has been used already for years by trademark institutions and data brokers. Thru TMpro’s easy-to use-web interface and favorable subscription model this powerful technology is available online for trademark professionals world-wide.
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